Jan M. van Dunné
Professor of Law Emeritus
Jan M. van Dunné
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Brief Introduction
Jan van Dunné (Dutch), born 1941, Jakarta, Indonesia (then: Netherlands East-Indies), after obtaining a PhD from Leiden University (1971) was Professor of Private Law, Commercial Law and Law of Civil Procedure at Erasmus University Rotterdam, since 1972 (retired, 2006). He is expert on Contract and Tort Law, Construction Law and Environmental Law, in a comparative law setting, and served as Part-time judge at the District Court Rotterdam from 1975 (retired). He was director of the Institute of Environmental Damage and Liability Law and the Institute of Legal Decision making, at Erasmus University, since the 1980’s; President Dutch Private Law Association, 1986-1994; Chairman Legal Committee, Council for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, 1988-1999, and Membre titulaire of the International Academy of Comparative Law, IACL (Paris). Jan acted as arbitrator under NAI (Netherlands Arbitration Institute, Rotterdam), TAMARA (Transport And Maritime Arbitration, Rotterdam-Amsterdam), and ICC, Paris, also as sole arbitrator, in major construction contract and wreck salvage disputes. He also was Adjudicator (under FIDIC) in wind park projects. He is frequently called as a legal expert in court procedures and arbitrations, e.g. in Chevron III, Washington D.C., 2014 (ICSID).
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