Character Introduction
Steffen Pihlblad
Steffen Pihlblad
Brief Introduction
Steffen Pihlblad obtained his Cand.Jur. degree from University of Århus.Steffen Pihlblad has served as Secretary-General of the Danish Institute of Arbitration since 2006.From 2001-2006 Steffen Pihlblad has been Deputy Secretary- General of the Danish Bar and Law Society. In 2000 Steffen Pihlblad became junior lawyer and from 2001 lawyer in Bech-Bruun Law Firm. Before that, Steffen Pihlblad has been Head of Section in the Danish Ministry of Justice. During the employment at the Ministry of Justice, Steffen Pihlblad has handled positions on part time basis, such as assistant police prosecutor at the Copenhagen Police and assistant judge at the City Court of Copenhagen. Steffen Pihlblad has been responsible for the case management of approximately 1.000 arbitration proceedings at the Danish Institute of Arbitration – with almost all possible procedural constellations and situations, many different commercial subject matters and jurisdictions as well as a range of industrial sectors – and scrutiny of approximately 500 arbitral awards. Steffen Pihlblad has experience as arbitrator appointed by the ICC and in ad hoc arbitrations. Steffen Pihlblad is the author of several articles on arbitration and co-author of the books: “Praktisk Voldgiftsret” [Arbitration in Practice] (only in Danish – ISBN 978-87-574-2578-9, printed in Denmark 2011) and “Arbitration in Denmark” (ISBN 978-87-574-2779-0, printed in Denmark 2014) and have held several lectures on domestic and international arbitration in Denmark and abroad. Steffen Pihlblad has been a teacher on the Danish Arbitrator Education since 2006 and he has been appointed as censor at the law schools in Denmark since 2014.
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